Utilizing carbon waste for industrial use provides for a compelling economical and environmental proposition. EnPro has a technology that turns industrial CO2 emission into valuable products, such as sodium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate, in an economical and environmentally friendly manner.

EnPro holds the exclusive global user rights to proprietary, patented carbon capture technology removing CO2 from sources like exhaust gas by using salt water and producing stable mineral products in the process. The EnPro process, which is post-combustion technology, has been fully tested for CO2 sequestration and the products have been analysed and certified to be of high and commercially acceptable quality by an international laboratory.

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Pilot plant for profitable CO2 capture at Kollsnes, Norway BKK and EnPro shall cooperate in building a pilot plant for capturing CO2 from the power station at Kollsnes, near Bergen in Norway, and use this as industrial raw material. CO2 and salt water will turn into calcium chloride and soda ash, which, amongst other, is used in the production of glass, detergents, water treatment and various chemical products.

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